Good Morning Sunshine: Stress-free Morning Routine

My morning routine

Good morning. I’ve missed you. I am sitting in a beautiful room in Colorado waiting for my 2 month life of learning to begin. I’ve traveled up here to start the process of certifying to be a early childhood Montessori teacher. It’s been a lifelong dream and I am over the moon that I get to live that dream this summer. And so today, I’m constructing my day, routine and life anew. It’s a fresh start. And with that, I’ve truly wanted more order in the way I greet my day. I want to utilize the power of a calm, meaningful morning. There’s a lot of buzz in the productivity world about morning routines and, I’ve been reading avout them for years, finally I have combined my sources to discover my own. Here’s what my mornings in my dreams.

ideally look like.

5:30 Wake, give thanks and drink water.

5:45 Meditation and Yoga (10 vinyasa flow sequences)

6:00 Make tea and prep smoothies and plan my day: Moleskin and pencil at dining room table.

List 3 things that brought me joy from the day before, 3 essential tasks of the day and 3 future dreams. Write anything else on my mind.

6:15-6:45 wake children with hugs and love and everyone gets ready for the day

6:45-7:00 blend and pack smoothies in togo cups.

7:15 Out the door to start our day!