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Cloth Diapering Update 9 Months Later


We had all darling, wonderful things to say about hook and loop, or velcro cloth diapers, until about a month ago. Not only has Little C figured out how to rip them off, but the diapers have decided to come off all on their own! Hurray! As you may be able to see in the pic above, the tabs are curling up at the ends. They really don’t stay on well and between that and our industrious little girl, it’s bad news for us all (Think poopy diapers trailing on her leg as she walks around.) Is it brand related? Probably not entirely. All reviews I’ve read have mentioned the lack of staying power in velcro. 

What about snaps? Our snap diapers have held up beautifully. They look much better all the way around. So it’s really about expectation. If you want the ease of getting a diaper on in a few seconds, but don’t mind replacing some velcro, go with the velcro. If you are concerned about the diapers lasting through your entire diapering with more than one child, go snaps. 

New additions to our diaper stash:


Grow Via– fantastic all in one, no insert diaper with no leaks so far! This diaper is rated best All-In-One by Babble. And the covers are adorable. The insert is sewn into the top layer of the diaper and you can add an extra layer by snapping on the additional insert. 


Fuzzibunz– May be the most popular cloth diaper to date. They only offer stuff diapers, but they are relatively easy to get out without reaching into anything gross. They offer the only diaper that you can adjust the elastic on the legs as your little one grows. This certainly helps with leaks and preventing that red ring around your baby’s legs when the diaper is too tight. We’ve liked it so far, but the grow-via has proven to be the best fit for our little one.


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