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Vacation: Crawling, Talking and Mental Explosions


We just got back from six glorious days on the beaches of Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. In the course of these days, Charlotte had a mental and physical explosion of awesomeness. She learned how to effectively crawl down the hallway, clap her hands together, moo at the cow in her farm sounds book, wave bye bye to mom, and to say hello to any newcomers, especially ones closer to her age. She also ate quite a few fistfuls of sand and yelled at the waves for crashing on her. 

We are wondering if taking her out of her everyday routines helped her explore not only her new surroundings, but also herself. She seemed willing to learn from anyone who was around and we enjoyed seeing her interaction with her aunts and grandparents and any cousins who were milling about. 

Her birthday is right around the corner. We are trying to remember how she got from three weeks old to almost ten months old. All of the cliche’s are right. It goes too fast. I don’t feel ready to experience a 1 year old when I just got used to a baby. But this vacation was a glorious opportunity for us to pause and exist together as a family, to spend a moment savoring an age that is so full of excitement and transition. 


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