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The Prettiest Little Crib

Well Tumblr world, I have found myself thinking, emailing and facebooking for the last 2 hours about babies. More specifically my baby… and the large tummy I’ve incurred due to a little ninja in my belly. (She kicks like one, let me tell you…) And now, I’m going to Tumblr about it too. Oh I hope I haven’t crossed over into the land of “all you can talk about is kids.” Let’s all hope not. If that’s the case, I won’t be much fun for… decades I’m sure.

So here is the deal. We have the most wonderful and supportive family and Chris’ dad has offered to purchase our crib for us. What a wonderful man right? C and I got up the courage and walked confidently into Babies R Us a few days ago and gazed upon our little dream convertible crib, the Babi italia Eastside Lifestyle Crib… (fancy right?)  It sure is pretty enough. The crib converts to a toddler bed and then a full sized bed with a headboard and, therefore making it useful forever-ish.  We really like the idea of keeping the items we bring into our home instead of an endless loop of rotating baby items.

We selected one of the top rated companies in our nifty “Babies Bargains” book and find the color to feel traditional without being stuffy. Everything we looked at elsewhere was too dark or white. This was a lovely in-between.

So here it is folks, the Babi Italia Eastside Lifestyle Crib in Cinnamon:

Babi Italia Eastside Lifestyle Crib

Babi Italia Eastside Lifestyle CribBabi Italia Eastside Lifestyle Crib

Needless to say… I. Am. Smitten.

We pick it up next week, I’ll be sure to document C putting it together, which is sure to be a little silly and a fun time all around.


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