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Farmhouse Weekend in Wimberly


Whew, what a fun weekend! C and I used a little groupon to have a short getaway in Wimberley, and just our luck, it happened to be during Market Days, the second largest antique fair in Texas. We thanked our lucky stars and set out for a weekend adventure. We both took Friday off and made our way to the Farmhouse Serenity Inn which is nestled in the hill country a few miles from town. We were greeted by very friendly people who let us know that we would looooove the Texas Suite and they would bring breakfast at 9:30 the following morning.

They were 110% correct about the room. Even with Chris’ wisecracks about the heart-shaped tub, we both loved it. The tub was the only non-jacuzzi we could both fit into comfortably and the aesthetic was right up our alley.


The pool was also gorgeous, but freezing so we looked at it and decided to head into town to visit our favorite vintage store, Creekside Vintage. We found art for our bedroom, nursery and a record rack for $18-22 each. Not too shabby. We wandered and found out way to Inoz where we listened to a Louisiana band and C had a fruity drink he was thankful was served in a pint glass and not a martini or hurricane, god forbid! The evening rounded out with a delish Italian meal at Marco’s.


The following day, we ate the best country breakfast and the eggs came in a little ceramic chicken. It was adorable. Then we headed to Market Days and came out empty handed but happy to have looked at the 500-ish booths. There was a table we lusted after but for $400+ it was too much for the moment.

Thanks to our inn, we were invited to a tractor ride at Arnosky Family Farms who supplies all of the Texas wildflowers for Central Market. Fun times. The farmer Frank was animated and told wonderful stories that made us want to know more farmers in our lives and his wife bundled us beautiful poppies and anemones to take home.



Finally we made it home and played around before passing out for a long night’s sleep.


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