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Monday Sunshine

Shh…please don’t announce this on you facebook page cause I may get some mean little “wall posts,” but I think I like Monday, not just this one but all of them. (I know, gross right?) Monday is the day of endless possibility. You can and very well might have the best week of your long or very short life, and you know what? That possibility gives me just the get up and go I need when getting out of bed and zombie walking to the coffee pot. But hey, as a side note, I HATE when people talk about coffee as “jet fuel” or “rocket fuel” or any other cutesy bits that fail to describe that it’s basically a high caffine content, usually warm beverage that has some part in making us a little nicer to each other. No, we all don’t need mugs with crazy eyes saying things like, “this is me without coffee..” no no. Coffee is wonderful, and yes I admit the zombie walk… but that’s where my coffee analogy ends. No waxing poetic. Nope, none of that noise.

So where were we? Yes Mondays. They make me feel like nothing is behind yet, even though something probably is. I still can write 10,000 articles, and work my as of on my novel, and study my little tush off for the series seven and somehow be ready for my test on time. (Still working on that one.) And my diet will be stellar. All whole wheat and veggies right? Yep. And, oh yea, the gym too. 10 days this week. You may be saying to yourself, “self, she’s totally setting herself up for failure.” And I’d say yes, yes I am. But I love the moment when maybe if I squint like at the eye doctor when I fee less like a loser if I can just read that bottom line. If I squint just right maybe everything will turn to roses. Or not. And then I’ll just have to wait till next Monday to wait for the sunshine to come out again.


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